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    Exporting user parameter data from Pro Engineer


      We export harness data through NWF out of VeSys into ProEngineer.  VeSys passes wire spool data such as color and diameter to Pro Engineer.  This all works fine.  The question I have is can VeSys export a user parameter from the wire definition?  I need to pass the wire density so ProE can calculate weight of the harness.

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          If the Property/Value pair is created on the instance it already gets exported. Or if the Property/Values are defined at the part level (within VeSys 2.0 Components), then they too get exported. This not only applies for wires but all electical objects (including pin level propertiess too).


          If you attempt to view the NWF file using a notepad then you should see these properties.


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            Hi Nuri,


              That's what I thought.  I added a user parameter in the component definition with a value "density", upon export, the spool is there but no parameter.  I just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything simple before submitting an SR.  I have attached screen shots of the nwf file and component screen.  Thanks for your help.


            Scott K.

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              Hi Scott,


              Can I suggest you create an SR, for me the properties are there, against the wires.  CSD can take a look.






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                Hi Nuri,


                  So, I updated the part by going into the wire properties and updating from there.  Density is coming in but not in the right place.  It needs to be part of the spool.  Otherwise ProE does not do anything with it.  I manually edited the nwf and moved the parameter to the spool section and it worked fine.  I have attached a screen shot of the new nwf before I modified it.

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                  Density, being an attribute of the physical part that will be later assigned to a wire instance, is better placed in the Wire part in VeSys Components. The Spool Name in the .nwf file takes on the assigned part number.  Give this a go, and if you still find a problem, then that is a defect, so please file an SR.


                  One point to note though: if you have not assinged a part to a wire instance, then there is no "normal" way of obtaining spool data, and so VeSys will fallback on "stringing" the Spool Name by using the attributes Color, Wire Material, CSA and Thickness (OD). You might have noticed that if one or more of these attributes is empty, then the name has /'s, which is not helpful. And so the general recommendation is to assign some wire part to the wires so that a legitimate part, thus spool, is present.


                  Even if you are very early in the design and do not know what part to assign yet, I'd recommend assigning a dummy part number that has those four attributes, most of all, a non-zero value for the thickness(OD). As we know, Pro/E will not route a wire that has 0 mm OD, and so it helps to assign a generic dummy part number with a generic non-zero OD. Later, when you do assign a real part number, simply import the newer nwf into Pro/E, do your Updates, and regenerate.