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PDF Configuration questions

Question asked by mclark on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by david.ricketts

I'm just starting to play with this feature and it appears to be lacking some features.  I will list these below, if anyone knows how to implment these; I would appreciate knowing also.

1) Suppress reference designators - In the CAM routines you can easily suppress a reference designator from appearing in a output.  Frequently I have mounting holes, fiducials and other components that I may not want the reference designators displayed when generating the assembly views.  I cannot find out if this is possible in the create PDF section.


2) Controling output size / view - It appears that all views are based on overall view of the design (i.e. Alt-Ctrl-E of the design, not home).  At the top level, you can select the justification, scaling optoins, orientataion, and Color Scheme for the PDF.  When you are creating the specifics for a page your options are just the justification and scaling.  If you have a title block around the drawing or notes on different layers (other than the one you are currently configuring); the area required for these affects the size of the layer you are  working on (even if scale to fit is selected).  Is there a way I can get just the information I am currently configuring to control the overall size of the drawing on the page?  Here is an example:  The current board I am working on if I use the verify plots routine I can scale 3:2 to get the assembly drawing blown up and fill a letter size page (150%).  If I do this scaling in the PDF configuration sections sections of the board get cut off the edge, and the drawing is skewed based on the layers not visible.


From what I have seen, there appears to be a lot more contol of the drawing in the CAM routines.  I would like the capabilities of an intelligent PDF for my assembly drawings but for some of my smaller boards this will not be possible.  This is due to the scalling of items on layers that relevant to the drawing I am working on.


Looking to see the light