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    PADS Logic - end of life timescale?


      Hi, we are currently users of PADS Logic and PADS Layout / Router.   We are finding a need for some kind of variant management tool.


      To this end we are considering either a switch to  Dxdesigner with variant manger and DxDatabook options, but this seems  expensive given that we already have licenses for Dxdesigner (3/4 the  cost of a PADS ES suite


      Alternatively we are being offered a 3rd part 'bolt  on' for PADS logic that will encompase the DxDatabook and Varaiant  manager functionality.


      I am concerned that we are  locking ourselves in PADS Logic (and a 3rd party bolt-on) and that PADS  logic is reaching end of life (say next 2-3 years)


      Can anyone give any comment on the expected support life of PADS Logic and impacts of 3rd party bolt-ons.




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          Well - according to what I always hear from Mentor Graphics - PADS Logic will not go away.

          But ....... you never now!


          We have used PADS Logic for many years and are still using it.

          We are using PowerAccessCIS from the Finish PADS reseller DS-Design Systems OY to handle variants.

          It works very well.

          It is tightly integrated with PADS Logic and can create variant schematics, or create variant tables directly in the schematic.

          Whatever you prefer. See attached picture.



          Unfortunately it is a finish website, but you can contact them directly by mail.




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            We have been told the same by Mentor that Logic will not be going away.  While we are not seeing major product enhancements in Logic we continue to see it keep pace with UI updates and library enhancments (Update from Library) that are introduced in PADS Layout.


            With this in mind Saros Technology Ltd. have written a 'Component Information System' for PADS LOGIC which also handles Variants and BOM's, all at a reasonable price point.


            If you would like to see how this works, check out http://www.ecad2pdm.com


            Or contact Saros Technology to discuss your requirement on 01491 837787