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PADS Logic - end of life timescale?

Question asked by Andy_UK_Southcoast on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by brian1

Hi, we are currently users of PADS Logic and PADS Layout / Router.   We are finding a need for some kind of variant management tool.


To this end we are considering either a switch to  Dxdesigner with variant manger and DxDatabook options, but this seems  expensive given that we already have licenses for Dxdesigner (3/4 the  cost of a PADS ES suite


Alternatively we are being offered a 3rd part 'bolt  on' for PADS logic that will encompase the DxDatabook and Varaiant  manager functionality.


I am concerned that we are  locking ourselves in PADS Logic (and a 3rd party bolt-on) and that PADS  logic is reaching end of life (say next 2-3 years)


Can anyone give any comment on the expected support life of PADS Logic and impacts of 3rd party bolt-ons.