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Scripts.ini - Startup Scripts

Question asked by andrew_french on Oct 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Patrick.Cashman

I want to store my scripts in the corporate WDIR so I only have to worry about file versions at one place


corporate wdir:  \\Host\Folder\WDIR

Script Location: \\Host\Folder\WDIR\Scripts


Example File: \\Host\Folder\WDIR\Scripts\DX\DxMenu.vbs


Scripts.ini file:




1. When I launch DxDesigner I get an error stating:

"Could not find file ... in Primary Project Directory or in WDIR path"


Clearly the file is indeed in the WDIR path but okay mentor doesn't like UNC paths in this situation.


2. script#0=Scripts\DX\DxMenu.vbs



again I get the error:

"Could not find file ... in Primary Project Directory or in WDIR path"


Okay so you say you're looking in the WDIR for this location, it is indeed there, but mentor still can't find it...


3. if I move the vbs file to the root of the WDIR path and set the Scripts.ini file to


everything works fine but this is pretty pointless and will get way to messy to administrate.  Not an acceptable solution, but hey at least it is kind of searching the WDIR location...


4.  if I map a drive letter to the WDIR location

M: = \\Host\Folder


yeah this works as well but there is no way for me to lock down a single drive letter to be used across the company for just one tool.



I guess I'm fishing for ideas here on how to have one location all scripts run from.  I would really prefer to only have to keep one location up to date as pushing all the scripts to every individual computer is a whole other bag of worms here I'm trying to avoid.  I really don't understand why option 2 above doesn't work as it is the best solution in my opinion.  Hopefully I'm just doing something silly and someone will be able to help me out.