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Advise on using CodeSourcery libraries on target

Question asked by alistair_lowe on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by carlos_odonell

Hi guys,


I've just begun using CodeSourcey and I'm cross compiling from Windows to Debian (ARM). As I don't know what final distro of linux I'll be using for this project I thought it best to learn how to use the CodeSourcery libraries without rellying on them already being present in the disto.


I've done the following (as in the FAQ) to force my program to use the correct libraries:


> ./lib/ \
--library-path ./lib:./libc/usr/lib \

The idea being I use the dynamic linker to link libraries to my program hello.wt.1 by telling it that my codesourcery libraries are stored at ./libc/usr/lib however I get the following error and now I'm completely stumped:

error while loading shared libraries: /libc/usr/lib/ unexpected PLT reloc type 0x0d

Any idea what this means and any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.