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Newbie:How to catch unique netnames on page and unique netnames off page?

Question asked by jason.waln on Oct 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by robert_davies

I'm in the process of moving from Design Capture to DxDesigner.  I'm having a very difficult time trying to reproduce a critical Design Capture feature into DxDesigner.


In Design Capture, I can have defined inter page and Intra page connector symbols.  Using those symbols, I'm able to use Verify to determine which netnames are unique on page and which netnames are unique off page.  At the same time, those symbols are used for cross referencing.


How would I set this feature up in DxDesigner.  There are only 4 defined symbol types which does not include an Inter page and intra page connector symbol type.  How do I get my symbol to know if my net should go off page or on page?  Also, how do I make my on/off (Intra/Inter) page connector symbol so the DRC will catch a signal node net.  The DRC currently considers my page connector as a valid pin connection even though I have the symbol type as annotate.


I have a flat design using EE7.9.2 on windows XP.