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    Example of NSE script for editing symbols?


      Hi there,


      We have a third party symbol creation tool for large pin count parts called SymXpert.  It does a pretty good job creating symbols but there are a couple of things that it doesn't do.  When we were using ePD2005, I wrote a program that did the following:


      • User selects all symbols for a part
      • User clicks a button to create the HETERO attribute/property
      • User clicks another  button to "clean up" each symbol by:
        • open up each symbol in DxDesigner
        • Add the HETERO attribute
        • Change colors of lines, boxes and pin stubs
        • Save the symbol.
        • Open the next symbol.


      How do I do this using the New Symbol Editor in EE7.9.2?



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          Gee 53 views and no replies.


          Doesn't anyone at Mentor know how to do this?



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            Hi Tony,

            NSE does't have the script capabilty likes .Viewdraw's Automation, only supports TCL script command.  Following command will make NSE to act as tcl script commands:NSE  -tcl yourtclcript.tcl -GUI.  A simple tcl scripts which openning a symol and adding attributes see below,


            open_symbol -file c://yourSimxpertsybmol.1 yourSimxpertsybmol.1
            setarrtib -index -owner yoursimxpertsymbol.1 hetero 3

            save_symbol -file c://yourSimxpertsybmol.1 yourSimxpertsybmol.1
            open_symbol -file c://yourSimxpertsybmol.1 yourSimxpertsybmol.2

            setarrtib -index -owner yoursimxpertsymbol.2 hetero 3

            save_symbol -file c://yourSimxpertsybmol.1 yourSimxpertsybmol.2