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    Gentle reminder


      As a courtesy to other people posting here or reviewing discussions, please mark your question as answered if it has been answered to your satisfaction. Leaving posts open can mean some users miss out on important tips.



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          Great reminder, Rob. It is helpful to everyone to know this -- the person who provided the response to know if was the correct answer or helpful, and to others with similar issues to have greater confidence in the post. Thanks.

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            Good Idea - but how can this be done?

            I don't see an option if I would as initiator try to say that.


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              When you create a new post you have the option to mark it as a question which allows a user to mark it as answered.

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                Ok. However, I often post question,but never mark it as a problem because I think it's a problem inherent in the tool. I just wanna reminder Mentor engineering /marketing team about this issue, I known there is no solution there except Mentor team reconginizes the issue and take the action.


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                  If you see issues that are enhancement requests then post these on Ideas. If they're just observations then there is no need to mark them as a question. But if the post is a 'How do I' type of question then it is sensible to mark it as such so we know it has been answered satisfactorily.


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                    "When you create a new post you have the option to mark it as a question which allows a user to mark it as answered."


                    Therein lies the problem,  people forget to mark it as a question. I know I have.

                    If the default was marked as a question, then more would be able to mark it as answered.

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                      That was the idea behind the gentle reminder, as there doesn't appear to be a way to change this after the original has been posted.

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                        Mark - thanks for the interesting suggestion. Not sure if something like that is possbile, but let me check. Sometimes these types of requests can be accomplished with a relatively straightforward modification of one of the application's systems properties.Other times it can be considerably more involved or not possible. But I will check and post here what I find out. Depending on what I hear back, we will want to hear from other community members if that would make sense, as it would affect all discussion posts across all communities.

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                          Mark - Unfortunately, there is no easy way to mark any new discussion post as a question by default. It looks like it would take quite a bit of customization. But I would be interested to know if this is an improvement more community members would like to see. If there is enough interest, I can look into it.