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    drc error trace property


      i extracted GDSII file from cadence EDI and now i am trying to use Calibre DRC. i have used nangate 45nm library.

      Errors from Calibre DRC v200809

      cell inv_x1-89 Results:

      check Well.4-1 Result


      check poly.1-4 result

      01  02  03  04

      check poly.3-2 Result


      for example, i choose the error which is check poly.1-4 result 04, it gives me the error: Rule File Pathname:/..../INV_X1/_calibreDRC_.rul,  MINwidth of poly =0.05.

      But i drew the poly's width is 0.05, why this error still happen, and it doesn't disappear?

      i dont know how to solve it

      kindly help me/ guide me to remove these errors

      thank you.