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    Baseline for setting up server access in Vesys 2.0


      Hey there,

      This might be a dumb question but I understand there is a multiple-user, server-based way to work on a Vesys projet. I've been working alone for about a year now but I'm planning on working with other people in my project.

      I see how I can install a Vesys application on our server, then import the project and librairies I have done in the past year. My problem comes up when I install "client" Vesys. I can't seem to see how to open a vesys project which is on a remote server. I've looked through the project XML and I didn't see anything about the project location.

      I've looked (maybe not long enough) but I couldn't find any guideline about this.

      Thanks for the help!

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          Hi Frederic,


          Yes, you can configure VeSys 2.0 to work in a two tier configuration (single server with multiple clients accessing a common projects/libraries etc).  To do this you need to install the "Server" component on the server machine, and the "Client" components on each client - but for that to work you will be asked for the name (or IP Address) of your server to establish the correct communication between the two.  Instructions for doing this can be found in the Install Guide


          If you have already configured your VeSys 2.0 as a "Complete" installation you can turn it into a server mode by editing a single file... this makes it easier to install your client machines.





          Change the mode from "local" to "remote", then make a note of your server hostname (IP address) and use this during the installation of your clients.


          Let me know how you get on,