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    Multiple PCBs under one project


      I have a DxDesigner top level project with 3 different PCBs with different schematixs for each under each individual board.  I have created one PCB (Layout) in Expedition for the first board.  I wish to copy the present board (PCB Layout) to the other 2 boards because the board mechanical features are the same except they have different connectors and signals defined in the associated schematics for each board.  How should I proceed to accomplish this task?

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          You can export the board data using File - Export - Design Data and then import it into the other boards, or if you just want the Board Outline etc you can export IDF from the same File - Export menu, both of these are in Expedition PCB.

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            As you probably have noted, a simple copy paste into a new directory didn't achieve satisfactory results.  This is because for each design, the ID's are different for each board as packaged.  Try the following sggestions:


            1 - Ask your salesman about a tool, called Variant Manager that was designed to do this.

            2 - make a template of the primary PCB and use it for the alternate Boards.  Nets and Components should sync to the new ID's

            3 - change the desired methodology and make multiple projects, each with one board using the original design as a master template.

            4 - create a format reuse including the PCB, place the reuse in the design and smash it.