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    How to make Values visible on the PCB


      I have a customer that would like the values for the components visible on the PCB.  Other than just adding these manually in the design, is there easily a way of displaying these.  This would be based per part, portions of the design are dense and will not allow this.  My normal library attributs are Ref Des, Polarity attirbute (if needed).

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          Hey Mark:

          I can specific but first a couple of questions:

          Visible on the pcb database?

          Are the Parts generic (like 0402 or SOIC8) or are they seperate part types like 10K_1%_0402 and LM356_SO8?


          This can be done by picking a layer that you can display as attributes. From the Library Manager add an Attribute to all Part Types in the Library. You could name it Value. Then edit each Part Type to include the value of the part. Then in Display Colors you can turn on the Value on the chosen Layer.


          If you need more details let me know.


          All the best,


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            Visible in the database.  The customer would like the values to be on the silkscreen layers


            Combination of Generic / Specific / Customer Custom specific: Several of the Custom Secific components have a value of "0" in the library.  This is then modified per part on the schematic.  It appears that Layout pulls the part from the library ingnoring the value override from the schematic.  This is where the Value option gets tricky.  I need to modify this value per part (even though several are the same part type).


            Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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              I have just tried it. It works fine.

              In order to get the attribute values from the schematic to the PCB, you need to enable 'Parts' in the 'Include Attributes' section on the 'PADS Layout Link' 'Preferences' tab.

              See picture.