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    Using a shared image folder for networked computers




         We have our Vesys 2.0 running such that the three seats that use it are able to share component libraries, symbols and projects seamlessly. Each seat is set up as an administrator temporarily as we get to learn the capabilites and offerings of the system and will later designate the indivudual roles as we deem fit. However, the images folder defaults to the one on each of our individual local machines and hence have no ability to see each other's images and/or share them. We have a central server that manages our licenses and i believe that it is also the bridge upon which we are able to all share data amongst each other. In the image selection window, under the add images option in the Graphics menu of Vesys, i am unable to specify a different file location for the program to source the image from besides the default. Therefore, all my efforts to find a solution to this have been in vain.


         Is there an advanced option or special technique located in the local machine or globally in the server that will allow sharing of images among multiple networked users?