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    Control Panel Assemblies


      I am pretty new to VeSys. We have a few control panel assemblies used on our machines. This is a collection of relays, fuses maybe a few other compoents. These are generally wired as they are built instead of as a harness. Generally we would document his with a mechanical drawing that shows how all the parts are assembled. Then add a schematic of just this panel along with the normal BOM and From-To list. What is the best way to provide the electrical information in VeSys? This assembly is just part of the whole machine project so it is drawn across several pages. We don't need a harness drawing but we do need the tables that it generates.

      I guess I could make a harness drawing so I can get all the tables I want. I don't know how to provide the schematic information without having to redraw it.

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          If you tagged all these panel "parts & wires" with a harness attribute then you could (from VeSys 2.0 Design) create filtered wire lists & reports specific to that harness attribute - that's probably the quickest and easiest solution since all the reports in VeSys 2.0 can be customised to suite (wire list reports are very easy to configure, the others can be changed with a plugin).


          But if you do want the VeSys 2.0 Harness "tables" then you will need to synchronise the "harness attribute" objects into the harness design, but for this to work you will need to make sure that your schematic uses connectors / splices to terminate each wire (if you draw your wiring diagram terminating to devices, then they will not appear in the harness design, unless those devices have a device side connector).  Are you familiar with the sync process for VeSys 2.0, it allows you to create a harness design without redrawing the connectivity.