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Off-Board simulation

Question asked by pascal_pardo on Nov 14, 2011
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I need to do some "off-board" simulations for a Know-How project. I am aware that IS_MultiBoard supports systems that are composed of multiple boards, connectors and cables, however I have no experience in either using this module or the required models.

I've read about so called "Mated Models". Can I ask my connector and cable supplier for that kind of model or is it something I need to create myself?

In case I need to create the model myself, who can deliver me the required data and what will be the format?

Is there a standard, like for instance IBIS, which is known by our electromechanical friends or will the feedback be different for each supplier?


The project I need to simulate is going from one board to another with about 5m coax cable in between. The speedgrade is 3.75Gbps.

(for other High Speed simulations we use both Hyperlynx and ICX)



Pascal Pardo