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    VeSys 2.0 to Unigraphics NX6 Configuration


      We are having trouble configuring VeSys and/or Unigraphics to successfully transfer wiring data. We are using the Routelist.xml export file type as this is the one that appears to read in, although not all the columns are populated. Have tried the old .HRN and .CMP file types with no success. We recently upgraded from Unigraphics NX4 to NX6, but admittedly having only recently transferred to Vesys we never tried out the NX4 link. Can anyone suggest a way of configuring VeSys so all column data is transferred successfully? Unigraphics has a .CFG file that lets you configure the columns, but VeSys does not have similar as far as I can see.

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          We strongly recommend the use of the NX Wiring and Harness Harness Integration formats.  The former is used to export electrical connectivity to NX (as an .xml) and to backannotate wire lengths from NX (via the .plmxml fom NX), and the latter is used to import the .plmxml from NX (which contains the topology and mechanical objects as well) into Capital Harness Bridge for flattening and downstream use in Vesys Harness.


          From Vesys Design, export out the NX Wiring Integration file as a .xml and import it into NX. We recommend that you export out the wiring one harness at a time. In other words, you will be modeling one fabrication at a time in NX in one harness.prt at a time.  The additional advantage of using this format is that splices are typed as splices, and not as connectors, which is not so in the case of the earlier (hrn, cmp, routelist) formats. Those formats are retained for legacy reasons, and we do not advocate/recommend their use at all.


          Another important point to keep in mind (but one that is initially easily missed) is that in all the MCAD integrations we support, whether from VeSys or from Capital, the wiring connectivity that is exported contains the very minimum amount of information that is needful to accomplish the wire routing in the MCAD application.  In the case of NX, all that is needed is the to-from infomation, the object part numbers, and the wires/mc outer diameters (NX will not route an object if its OD=0 or null).  In other words, we do not export all the attributes/properties to the external application. This is because the topology can later be imported into VeSys Harness, and a wiring sync can be done to bring the wires/mcs from VeSys Design over into VeSys Harness. Because the objects reside in the same database all attributes and properties are immediately available.


          There is a defect in the early MR's/MP's or NX 6, so be sure to use the update to the ones listed in the link below (mr/mp higher than the ones listed are also OK).



          If you haven't yet, consider a look at http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-1589.



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            Thanks for the reply. None of the links work on my machine. Not sure if it is because they have been removed after a certain length of time (3 days I believe) or if our system is preventing me from downloading. Is there any other way of getting the information to me?



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              Not sure what is going on...


              Make sure you are logged in. Drag-select the text of the link, then Ctrl-C or Copy (not Copy Shortcut), and paste into address bar and Enter.



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                Needed to set up an account with Mentor SupportNet to see these documents. Had only registered with the community. Colleague has downloaded for me.