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    Multipart Symbol problem


      I alluded in another post to the question of nested multipart symbols.

      I wanted to create a contactor symbol which comprised three separate power contacts and an auxiliary contact - coil block.

      The aux contact coil block was to be created by assembling existing symbols for coil and contacts.

      (Our contactors may have 2 coils and possibly 8 sets of aux contacts so it is useful to be able to do this.)

      This is what I did:


      I selected & assembled the coil and contactor symbols, and drew a box around them. Note the structure under the Diagram tab on the left.

      top-level symbol.png

      I created a top-level symbol, Contactor-Test.

      I pulled in three power contact symbols, Relay NO power1,2,3 and the newly created Contactor-test-Aux-Coil. I then added the dotted line to show coil-contact linking.

      Note that the Blocks folder under Contactor-test-Aux-Coil1 has gone and the coil and aux contact are at the same level. This is significant!

      The library is saved, and in VeSys Designer I select Refresh All.

      Note that Refresh All is so important and significant that it should be a toolbar button and not accessed via the File menu!

      add symbol1.png

      In VeSys Designer I select Contactor-Test and see the whole library symbol.

      add symbol2.png

      I then select Contactor-test-Aux-Coil1 because this is what I want to place. Note that only the box I drew round my coil & contact symbols appears. If I drop this into my design all I will get is an empty box.

      For this to work I would to see expect something like the following structure in VeSys Symbol:



      Regards: Tom

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          Hi Tom,

          I would suggest that at the point when you tried to place the sub-block in VeSys 2.0 Design you should not have been presented with an empty rectangle, but I will say that VeSys 2.0 will not maintain a nested heirarchical structure for the symbols, as blocks are used to create a new composite the structure is flattened (as shown in your diagrams).  However, I will ask for this to be investigated, and if needed a defect raised, but first can you confirm what version you have installed (Note: the latest release version of VeSys 2.0 is 2010.2.SP1109).



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            Hi Nuri,


            We do keep up-to-date with the latest service packs and I can confirm that I have 2010.2.SP1109.19.

            If as you say the structure is flattened then it can't possibly work because all the relational information is lost. Sub-symbols which were called by a symbol are now at the same level. Even if this is sorted out by means of some kind of links embedded in the symbol the true structure under Design wouldn't be visible. (Clicking on a symbol could also highlight related sub-symbols?)

            Supporting a multilevel structure and not flattening it would be the best option going forward (2011?).


            Can I note that it would be better if VeSys releases weren't tied to something which looks like a year date. You are just about to release 2011 as we go into 2012. If we could just have a major release of VeSys 2.0 at a new issue ie, VeSys 2010.3 then our company software approval process wouldn't kick in.


            Regards: Tom

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              Hi Tom,

              Unfortunately, 2011.1 is almost ready for release so there is no time to quickly add hierarchical symbol nesting.  But if you raise an IDEA it will get considered for 2012.1.

              As for your last comment on the version == year and how that affects your companies software approval process, I think that would be harder to change (and confusing for other customers who are now used to one or two major releases per year), but if you post that as an IDEA we might see what others want (through the power of a vote).



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                Seems like I've got a few new ideas to post so I'll look at doing that.


                Every time you change the name of VeSys it causes us grief in terms of our software approval process. Could you not skip .2011 and go straight to 2012 (since it nearly is 2012) and then update on SPs for the next year please?


                Regards: Tom

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                  This was reported on VeSys 2010.2 and seems to have been fixed. I tested it on VeSys 2012.1 and Capital Logic. I can create multipart symbols from basic elements and they appear correctly on Schematics.

                  My Idea can be removed now or shown as actioned etc..