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Moving text versus Placing new text

Question asked by mclark on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2011 by Mentor_JanetD

Why is it when I place a new text item it goes where I want it; but, when I move an existing text item Layout shifts the location for me?


I still do my fabrication drawings the old fashioned way of manually placing the text and dimension lines.  When I place a new text string it snaps to the current grid used and placed by (I like this).  Now if for some reason I need to move a piece of text after it is placed, or copy an existing string; Layout shifts the location (usually by 0.010") in the X direction from where I placed it (I don't like this).


This isn't on just one design or based on units used in the design, and is not on just one design.  I just want the text to be where I place it rather than having to edit properties and manually put in the correct location.