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    install the calibre in centos


      I installed the calibre 2008 in another new computer, the linux system is centos 5.6. I met some problems when i started the calibre. I used the command "calibre -gui &", but there is an error while loading shared libraries:libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file; and i didn't find the libstdc++.so.5 in /usr/lib. so i link the libstdc++.s0.5 to libstdc++.so.6, but it still told me wrong. Screenshot-1 shows the error.

      later i used the command uname -r, rpm -q centos-release ... Screenshot-2 shows the specific.

      I download some packages which have libstdc++.so.5 from the internet, but there were still some dependencies problems when i uncompressed them. Screenshot-4 shows the error.

      I don't know how to solve these problem in the next step. Kindly help me / guide me to remove these errors.

      Thank you.

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          CentOS isn't officially supported for Calibre. To my knowledge Calibre 2008 was not tested on CentOS either. I believe some people were able to get it to work but I don't know if CentOS 5.6 has ever worked for anyone. Was that version of the operating system readily available back in 2008? If some people have run Calibre on CentOS then maybe it wasn't on 5.6? Just a guess, hope it helps.