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    Calibre XRC error with cell view generation




      Please can anyone help with a problem with the generation of the calibre cell view after running the xRC extraction. After the running the xRC extraction i see the following error in the CIW window


      Error in CIW: undefined variable: mgc_rve_create_cellview


      Would greatly appreciate any inputs.



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          Hi Kikeryl-


          mgc_create_rve_cellview is a Skill function that should be defined in the Skill interface.


          You don't say whether your setup has generally been working properly with the Cadence viewer, or whether you are in the GUI or running in batch.  If you haven't already, check the Calibre Interactive manual for instructions on setting that up. In the 2011.3 version, there is "Creating a Calibre View in Batch Mode" that mentions this variable.  Another place to check for information would be $MGC_HOME/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/skillREADME.


          I hope someone else chimes in; I don't actually use the Cadence environment so haven't had to work with the interface at all.



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            Thanks Sam. I figured out what the problem was. I was working with the calibre version for an older version of cadence. i changed it and it solved the problem.