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    TVF preprocessor error: wrong # args




      I get the following error when I try to run LVS with the file given by the foundry.


      TVF preprocessor error: wrong # args: should be "device::strained_silicon_measurements gate sd active poly layer1 max_sp max_sd max_se max_sf max_sle max_slf"

      while executing

      "device::strained_silicon_measurements -gate gate_mac -sd all_sd -active OD -poly POx -layer1 ncesl"



      The error comes from the following part.


      tvf::SETLAYER ngate_PROPx = [

         device::strained_silicon_measurements -gate gate_mac -sd all_sd -active OD -poly POx -layer1 ncesl



      Any help in solving this error is appreciated. Thank you very much.