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Help with exporting "schematic" view to CDL

Question asked by bhauge on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by bhauge

We have several 3rd-party IP netlists that we are importing (spiceIn) into Virtuoso OA format. Due to the size and flatness of some of the netlists, we are importing them as "netlist" views. This avoids the need to run "conn2sch" to generate the schematic view, which is where we see the big time hit. We then run a SKILL script to copy the "netlist" views to "schematic" views. This is all outlined in SourceLink Solution ID 11700308.


The directory structure of these "schematic" views looks strange because they have the file "netlist.oa" under them, plus the master.tag file also references the name "netlist.oa". Despite this, I can export CDL successfully from Virtuoso using the GUI, or by creating a si.env file and running "si -batch -command netlist". However, if I try to export from Calibre, it fails with:


*WARNING* (DB-270212): dbOpenCellViewByType: Failed to open cellview (cell schematic) from lib (lib) in 'r' mode because cellView database does not exist, or cellview type is not recognized by dbOpenCellViewByType


I replaced the real cell and library name with "cell" and "lib" to protect the innocent.


If I rename netlist.oa to sch.oa, and edit master.tag to point to sch.oa, then it works fine.


It seems pretty clear that it's related to the Cadence data registry entry for the "schematic" view (where it expects to find a file called sch.oa), and I can see why the netlist exporting would be failing. However why does it work fine if I export using the GUI or running "si" manually?


I can do the rename workaround to get things working with Calibre, but I'm wondering if there's something else that I could do.


Thanks for the help.