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    smart way to figure out max number of pads rows per die side.


      Hi ,


      I am trying write drc code to check the maximum number of pad rows per die side.

      The  main problwm here is that there is not minimum limit on nmuber of pads  to form a row, even a singe pad can form a row.  And all the pads have  to abide by the minimum spacing value.

      Thsi get tricky when we  have 45 degree edges at the die corner so i can assume a max lookout  region perside to  chekc for thr number of pad rows.

      Do you have any ideas on how this check can be coded ?




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          Hi Lucky-


          Without knowing the version of Calibre you are running and what licenses you have available, I can't suggest anything concrete.


          There are several coding examples in the Calibre Solutions for Physical Verification manual (calbr_solns_pv_user.pdf). Even if your version of Calibre did not ship with the manual (it has only been around for a couple of years), the solutions apply to most older versions of Calibre as well. The manual is available on SupportNet.


          Off-hand, I believe you can code the check using DFM Property.

          • The example "Verifying Contact Placement for Current Crowding" gives an example of finding regions that contain one or more contacts; I am guessing you can easily modify it for pads instead of contacts, and chip edges instead of source/drain regions. 
          • The example "Counting Contacts in Source/Drain Regions" shows how to output a number per region.
          • The example "Checking Contact Balance" (step 3 in particular) demonstrates flagging those whose property meets (or does not meet) some criteria.


          To see whether DFM Property is covered by the DRC license in your version of Calibre, check the Calibre Administrator's Guide. When the DFM commands were first released, they required a Yield Analyzer or Yield Enhancer license, but the ones commonly used for advanced DRC checks like DFM Property became available under the DRC license a year or two after release.


          Hope this helps-



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            Hi Sam,




            I already looked at that example, I don’t think I can use that approach for my case.


            Let me share a snaphot.




            In this case I need to find out the number of pad rows per die side. For example at the bottom you can see there ae 3 pad rows  and on other sides there are 2 pad rows.


            So basically there are 2 parts to it


            Build the rows from the pads  placement


            Then categories these row as top/bottom/right/left rows. Import thing here is the handling at 45 corners a you can see.





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              Hi Lucky,


              Here's an approach for finding the number of pad rows for each die side. It'll probably require some tweaking to get it working for your design, but hopefully will help get you started.


              Let me know how this works for you.





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