FindAttribute "DNP" of components DxDesigner Script

Discussion created by steve.westdal on Dec 2, 2011
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I am developing a script to go through all the parts in a DxDesigner schematic, and gather component attributes.

This is all working fine, except I also need to extract "DNP" information, which the script can't find, and then explodes violently and ruthlessly.

As the example code shows below, I extract the "PACKAGE" attribute from the component. In the component properties of the schematic, I can clearly see "PACKAGE". This works fine.

I can also clearly see the "DNP" property, but for some reason FindAttribute(DBP) returns nothing.


For further background information, I am using dictionaries since they are the only type I am aware of that can expand dynamically. There is one dictionary for each component property attribute. The DEVICE parameter is used as the dictionary key for each.




Const DEVICE  = "Part Number"

Const PKG   = "PACKAGE"

Const DNP   = "DNP"


For Each itr in objDxApp.DesignComponents("", schemName, -1, "STD", TRUE)


     'This works fine

     dicKey = itr.FindAttribute(DEVICE).EitherValue


     'This works fine

     dicCompPKG.add   dicKey, itr.FindAttribute(PKG).EitherValue


     'This blows up

     dicCompDNP.add   dicKey, itr.FindAttribute(DNP).EitherValue