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    Pin numbering on inline connectors in VeSys Design


      Firstly I've found that the Place Pins dialogue doesn't work when placing inline connector pairs. It does work as expected for ordinary connectors.


      If part numbers in the component library are assigned to both the plug and socket in an inline connector pair, when I then use the Place Pins dialogue to place a pin on one half, a completely random pin name ie 'PIN12' appears on the other half. (In the vast majority of cases I would suggest, the mating contacts on each side of a connector pair would have the same number - so why isn't this the default choice for VeSys?)

      For instance I get a situation where '2' mates with 'PIN12'. I double-click on 'PIN12' and instead of getting the little text change box, I get the complete Properties pane. 'PIN12' is greyed out so that I can't change it! There seems to be nothing I can do to get pin '2' to mate with pin '2'!


      When I first created the inline connectors and did the bulk of my VeSys design I hadn't defined the part numbers for one of the connectors in each pair so that effectively a component part was mated to a symbol. In this situation I could use the Place Pins dialogue on the component part connector. The symbol half was populated with 'PIN1', 'PIN2' etc.. I could double click on these and edit them to be correct. Following this the Place Pins dialogue showed these connections as 1:1, 2:2 etc.. as I would expect.


      My non-ideal solution is to open the properties for one of the connectors and hit the red X to delete the library part. I can then adjust the pin names as I wish. When I've finished I reinstate the library part in connector properties.


      This seems to me to be a bug - or maybe there is a way to assign pin numbers to both halves of an inline?


      Regards: Tom