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    How to Progarate Property Value Hierachichally ?


      In Cadence Concepthdl platform, We normally use text macro in block'schematics,it gives flexibility where desinger can re-define the text macro on top level if they use the reuse block but need to modify some property values.


      Is It possible to use text macro to transfer property value from the block to bottom schematics in Viewdraw? We know there is a script to progarate property hierachically and it's possible to re-write script to support transfer property value hierachally.  I hope next release of Viewdraw begin to support text macro.




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          Hi there,


          You can find a technote explaining how to install a VBScript to propagate properties hierarchically.





          Operation of Prop Reuse Addin is controlled by two block properties: PROP_REUSE and PROP_STOP_REUSE. (Names of these properties are configurable via editing prop_reuse_core.vbs file).

          Put the PROP_REUSE property on a given hierarchical block and all properties that are specified as its value will get propagated down the design hierarchy. Syntax for PROP_REUSE value is:

          PROP_REUSE = Name1=Value1|Name2=Value2|NameOnly|NameOnly

          If you specify the property to be propagated using the Name=Value syntax, then the property will be propagated using this explicit value. If you specify the property to be propagated using NameOnly syntax, then the software will try to get the property's value from the current component.

          If, at given block level, you want to stop propagation of certain properties, put the PROP_STOP_REUSE property on that block. Syntax for PROP_STOP_REUSE is:

          PROP_REUSE = Name1|Name2|Name3


          I hope it helps.