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symbol alias

Question asked by markl on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2011 by Gary_Lameris

Is it no longer possible to alias a symbol name in libraries? I do not see anywhere in help where this is explained.

In case there is any confusion by what I mean, let me explain:

Many companies use their company part number as the symbol name, this has many advantages but also has a negative, if it is not readily apparent from the symbol preview what the component is, you will have to either add the componet to the schematic and then zoom in on it to see if it is what you thought it was, or you can do a number of other things, all of which will require additional time in selecting the correct component (symbol). For these symbols for which it is not readily apparent from the preview exactly what the componet is, you used to be able to assign an alias, a more descriptive name so you had a better idea what the component (symbol) was. This alias name would appear in the selection box instead of the symbol name. This is especially useful when the symbol is very large since it is hard to tell what the symbol is in the preview box.

I used to do this a decade ago when I used ViewDraw, but now that I have returned to using it, and it is now DxDesigner and gone through some changes, I no longer remember how I did it and cannot find it in the help.

Surely some of you that have been using it for many years remember, or maybe it is no longer possible?