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    DxDesigner 'for frame'?


      I'm coming from Design Architect and I'm struggling with DxDesigner (since it's the 'preferred' tool).

      I've often used 'for frames' in Design Architect since this makes very compact and easy-to-understand schematics, but I can't find anything similar in DxDesigner.

      Am I not looking hard enough or can it be possible that Mentor omitted this functionality in DxDesigner?

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          This depends on what you are using these constructs for, can you elaborate on your use case?

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            Attached is a schematic that I did for part of the ATLAS particle detector at CERN a couple of years ago.

            There you can see that I use frames quite heavily together with hierarchial drawings to make compact schematics.

            It's not just a draft, it's the real deal that went through package and layout.

            The second schematic is the raw hierarchial subsheet where all references are expressions based on the expanded property from the frame instantiation.


            I haven't found this possibility in DxDesigner and I REALLY miss it.

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              DxDesigner doesn't have identical functionality to this but for the simpler use case of multiple instances of a component you may use the Array Component property with an integer value to place n copies of the part on a PCB. There is no equivalent to the functionality for the hierarchical use case, you will need to instantiate (copy) the hierarchical block 'n' times for 'n' instances of the block. Freeze the block before doing so (right context menu button).