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    Mentor license utility: can not remove variables as admin


      I'm trying to remove a license with mentor license utility in windows 7, but it says " Only 'user variables' could be saved due to lack of administrative permission" even though I'm logged in as administrator. Is there any solution to this?


      edit: I have tried <right click> --> "rund as administrator" but it doensn't work either.

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          This could be a defect, or the result of a group policy that restricts the editing of system environment variables.


          Further below are instructions on how to navigate to the environment variables on Windows, where you can make any necessary changes. The "system" area will be the lower tab and the "user" at the top. Check to see if you can edit the system MGLS_LICENSE_FILE (or LM_LICENSE_FILE). If the edit button is grayed out, there is likely a group policy preventing the change. If you are able to edit, you can manually remove the desired entries (or the variable itself). Just be sure to keep the semi-colon character (";") as the separator between any license file and/or port@host values.


          I should also mention that the user variables take precendence over the system variables on Windows (one exception is the "PATH" variable where system is observed before the user variable). In other words, if you set the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE user variable to the desired file location and/or port@host, it doesn't matter if the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE system variable is set because it will be ignored anyway.


          Let me know if I can help further.




          Windows 7/Vista:

          1. Right-mouse-click on Computer and select Properties
          2. Down the left margin (under Control Panel Home) click the Advanced system
          3. Click the Advanced tab
          4. Click Environment Variables… button


          Windows XP:

          1. Right-mouse-click on My Computer and select Properties.
          2. Click the Advanced tab
          3. Click Environment Variables… button

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            You're welcome. Glad to hear it worked.