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Component seletion and zooming Pads viewer

Question asked by mdtaylor on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by markl

Hello, I am an engineering consultant and long time OrCAD/Allegro user. I have started a new contract and the layout person is using Pads PCB layout tools. I am trying to use the Pads viewer to check the layout but I am finding it fustrating after using the Allegro viewer for many years.


Here are my issues, maybe someone can let me know if I am still fighting the learning curve or if this is the way things are:


- When selecting a component by clicking the reference designator in the 'Project Explorer' the component is highlighted and the window zoom so the component fills the window. Why would I want the window to zoom in that far? I would like to see the component and associated routing or components around the selected part, any way to just hightlight the component?


- Once the window zooms in on the component there is no way of easily zooming out, no '--' (minus) button.


- Zooming in general is difficult, zoom button is awkward, no '+' (plus) or '--' (minus) buttons, can only hit the 'Board <Home>' button and try to zoom in on what you want to see.


Any suggestions?