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    Copy trace only


      Is there a way in PADS to copy ONLY the traces to an identical placement and have

      that set of traces take on the new nets that are now attached to. Or the only way even coming close

      to that functionality is having re-use capability. It seems to me that is a very combersomb way to just want to copy trace to another circuit.

      Not to mention the extra cost of being able ot even have re-use capability.

      Many other CAD systems do provide the ability to copy trace and when done it removes

      net infio then when palce on a set of pads it could thenm take on that new connectivity net wise.



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          You can copy traces from "Channel 1" to "Channel 2" on the SAME layout. Placement must be IDENTICAL. Set the filter for traces only, select the layer (I like to copy one layer at a time..your preference). Highlight the traces and Ctrl-C, position highlight on channel 2 and Ctrl-V to paste them on Channel 2. (I've done this in Pads Layout for several versions. Currently using 9.1.3)


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            OK yes settign filters etc does in fact work, now the only problem I see is not really having snap to pad

            pending where it snape to traces could get slightly tweeked. But it does work as long as where it picks

            to snap to trace is on a pad that is on grid.

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              I tried it first usign selection filter in main menu I of course ended up getting parts along too.

              Keep forgettign about the filter control.

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                Set your grid to something tiny, like 1 mil (or less). The copies traces will still jump from pin to pin. If there's a pattern where you have some traces the same, then a consistent gap, select that group and copy, using the gap as your spacer.

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                  Your 'Move preference' settings can have a big effect on how well this works.  <Tools><Options> (Design tab).  'Move by cursor location' is the only way I've got absolute moves to work well.

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                    Copy trace needs a component pad (not a via) as the base point for the move (origin). Keep selecting next base point until it's on a pad and that pad is on grid.