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Layout and Schematic Library Management

Question asked by dmeeks on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by zeke41

In order to avoid duplicate footprints in layout, I would like to use one library for footprints. Schematic parts would need to refer to footprints in that library.

However, it looks like unless there is a schematic part in that library, it is not shown in the list of libraries when I try to select the PCB decal in the component editor.

Is that correct?


This is the way I have always used PCad and Orcad, which is what I am moving from. If there is another way to manage the footprints so that there are no duplicates, please let me know. I like to keep a library of all of my SMT footprints, and a separate one for THT (no reason to separate other than to keep the sizes smaller).