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    Siimple model for connector




      I am using Hyperlynx 8.0. I need to simualte DDR2 signals with a connector model. I don't need to run multiboard simulation so that I need a simple connector model which has R, L and C parameters only.


      Please help me to how to get or how to create that model file. Else, is there any readymade model available in Hyperlynx library?




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          Implementing a connector model implies that you are working on a multi-board project. Please clarify the circuit you want to simulate, so that we can give you a correct answer. It sounds like either:

          1) you have a connector on the bus that has nothing installed (with other DRAM on board?), or

          2) you actually have a multi-board project, but you don't have the HYP file for the second board, or

          3) you have a DIMM connector and have an EBD model for the DIMM.


          Is any of these correct?

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            Case-1 matches my case. I have a MICTOR connector on DDR2 data bus but has nothing installed.


            Signal Path is like this (Daisy chain topology):     DDR2 Controller------>MICTOR_Connector-------->DRAM Chip


            I need a simple model for connector to simulate the above scenario.



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              For this specific case where you need to model only the loading effect of the empty connector, you can use the attached IBIS file. The capacitance value of each pin is estimated from a performance report from tyco. If you get a better source and get a more accurate value of the pin capacitance, you can change the value of C_comp in the pin model. This is a complete model for the 38-pin connector, so you can apply with the REF file and have the models applied to all pins automatically.




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                Hi Weston,


                I have a scenario  like


                Main Board -------> Connector ( Koycera 30 pin 6495 series connector) ----------------> FlexPCB (Imager Module)



                How to establish connection through this connector? whether i have to use IBIS for connector or is there any other method?