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integrating PADS LOGIC/Layout libraries into DxDesigner

Question asked by norman.werner on Jan 10, 2012
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We are  using PADS Logic and Pads Layout for design entry and PCB design. Libraries are organized as a set of  *.ld9, *.pt9 , *.ln9, *.pd9 files.

We build up libraries of literally thousands of devices. Each and every device (package, multiple values for passives etc) is stored separately.

A unique partnumber can be used to query a SQL warehousing database for additional informations. We licensed DxDesigner mostly for being able to run spice simulations. I expect both DxDesigner and PADS Logic to be used in parallel in the foreseeable future.


We managed to install DxDesigner and Hyperlynx Analog as well as using the supplied HLA sample library to run a simple simulation.


Currently I am struggling to import our data into DxDesigner/DxDatabook:


- How can I convert our set of library files into an ODBC compatible datasource (preferrably SQL database)?

- Which method is recommended to augment this data with spice models?

- Is it possible for DxDesigner to use data of our warehousing database as well?



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