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    Showing the same circuit in multiple sheets inside one design


      I have dedicated a decent amount of time to breaking down an entire truck into individual systems and drawing their respective wiring circuits into vesys as multiple sheets in one design. I have about 21 sheets so far starting from the start circuit all the way to the communication circuit drawn completely though each splice, inline connector and to their respective devices. The ignition and ground wires for all these circuits were shown in each sheet however we also wanted to have a separate sheet that shows the power and ground wires through the entire truck also within the same design. To do this, we had to redraw and reterminate duplicates of the ingnition and ground wires to their corresponding  connector cavities. The wires and connectors (all except inline connectors) were merged in order to maintain property and library part information.


      Im almost ready to begin verifying connector/wire associations between the multiple sheets in the design in preparation to create harnesses and wanted to know from those experienced out there whether there are any concerns that i should have with my approach. The design is pretty extensive and contains about 25MB of data and i have no experience with sychronizing a design this large. I have noticed an increase in latency in the Vesys software reponse time to the common commands as i progress through the project. Should i be concerned about my computer hardware being unable to support the demanding synchronize processes? Software stability? Data loss or corruption when the software encounters a validation error and closes out?





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          Hi Bernard,

          I see no problems with the approach that you have, in fact you might find using VeSys 2.0 v2011.1 easier to work with since you can use the copy ([CTRL]+[C]) command followed by paste extended ([CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[V]) between the sheets to create new instances, doing this will remove the need to later "merge" since you can create duplicate diagrams of the same connectivity all from one action.

          As for the performance, are you working with hardware that meets the minimum system requirements for VeSys 2.0 (you can download this from SupportNet), in general I think if you have the minumum requirements then VeSys 2.0 Design should perform well even for designs of that size (many customers actually have much larger designs, so 21 sheets is not a problem).

          Kind Regards,


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            I have sucessfully included multiple instances of wires, connectors and devices in VeSys 2.0 v2011.1 designs.  The instances are Cross-referenced so you can easily jump from one to the other.


            Regarding your stability question. I work with vehicle design projects that typically include 1500 - 2000 wire segments split between 15 - 20 harnesses.  The project designs typically run between 50 - 75 diagrams (sheets).  While there is some latency with larger designs, I have not experienced any stability problems or loss of data with multiple sycronizations to larger harnesses.  I have experienced some memory related issues when running design reports on the entire project.  This was resolved by allocating more memory on VeSys startup. 


            Hope this helps,

            James W

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