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dx designer problems while exporting pdf & bus ripping

Question asked by marco.di_vivo on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by marco.di_vivo

Hello everybody,


I'm working on the layout of some multilayers PCB with DxDesigner 7.9.2 ... i found these little "bugs" (or maybe i made some errors..):


1) When export the scheme in pdf I've seen that IF the name of a resistor overlaps the symbol's edge then it won't be shown on the PDF sheet...


2)When I rip a bus, i get the wire but I can't resize the spaces between the wires as I I don't use the rip option but I use the array option in this case.

I remember that in 7.9.1 you have a resize  box option ( with a red square symbol...) ...


Thank you for the help!