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Expedition PCB 2007: Find a branch in a net

Question asked by amir.marandi on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by peter.kurlak

I am using Visual Basic Express 2010 and trying to find if there is a branch in a net, for example U1-1 (U1 pin 1) is connected to U2-2 (U2 pin 2) and U3-3 (U3 pin 3).  I need to get the trace length from U1-1 to brach location, and then from branch location to U2-2 and branch location to U3-3.

In my current program, I can get the length from U1-1 to U2-2 or from U1-1 to U3-3, but I need to get the common trace between U1, U2, and U3.

Does anyone have any code samples to show me how to do this?