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    DxDesigner to PADS Logic schematic?


      Is there any way to convert a DxDesigner 9.1 database to a PADS Logic schematic?


      ... third party tool?

      ... export to X and import from X?



      Thanks any advice or workaround would be appreciated.


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          Elgris Technologies (www.elgris.com) can do it as a service.



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            Is there any other option other than service from Elgris Technologies?



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              I "Asked the PADS Team" about this in this discussion: http://communities.mentor.com/thread/9482.  The response is informative, but unsatisfying.


              Mentor says it has made the strategic decision to not provide a DxDesigner to PADS Logic translation tool.  It appears that Mentor views PADS Logic as a legacy tool that they grudgingly support and DxDesigner as the tool they want to push everybody toward.  This while acknowledging that PADS Logic has significant advantages in ease of use, learning curve and integration with PADS Layout.


              I've been following the Release Notes for the last several releases of the PADS Flow (since 2005.2).  Note that most of the bug fixes are ALWAYS in DxDesigner... because most of the bugs are in DxDesigner.  And that has been a significant factor in my reluctance to make a switch to DxDesigner.  PADS Logic works, has few bugs and is easier to use.  The tight integration with PADS Layout helps me avoid errors.