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    Pro/ENGINEER to VeSys 2.0?



      New to VeSys. Trying to import all wire and connector data to VeSys 2.0 from Pro/ENGINEER WF4.

      What is the preferred export / import method? The Harnesses in Pro/ENGINEER are 100% complete including ALL wire data and connector data.


      I do not have time to recreate the harnesses we want to control in VeSys.




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          If you already have the wiring in Pro-E and the harness modelled the best solution would be to purchase the Plug-in for ProE.  This enables you to create harness xml files which can be brought into VeSys Harness via a Harness Bridge, the resulting Harness design can then be annotated and styled to suit your manufacturing requirements before release for manufacture.


          If this is of interest I would suggest that you contact your account team who should be able to provide further information.


          This document may also be of use, if explains how parts should be modelled in ProE to ensure that exchange into Capital or VeSys 2.0 is smooth. http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-1618




          Phil D

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            Phil, thanks for the reply.


            I am having trouble locating the Plug-In you are referring to.


            Can you help me understand the exchange between Pro/ENGINEER and VeSys 2.0? From what I have read and understand, the "Bridge" is one way

            (From VeSys 2.0 to Pro/ENGINEER via .NWF) unless this Plug-In is used?


            The link you provided is not working for me.


            Is there any more documentation describing the data transfer capabilities of VeSys?



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              This is a two way flow if the following steps are taken


              1) VeSys, user exports .nwf file for Pro-E

              2) Pro-E, user imports .nwf file

              3) Pro-E, user maps connectivity included in the .nwf file to the 3D harness

              4) Pro-E, user exports harness .xml file (Plug-in is required to do this)

              5) Harness Bridge, user imports .xml file and flattens 3D harness to a 2D representation

              6) Harness Bridge, user exports .dsi file

              7) VeSys, User imports .dsi file into VeSys harness

              8) VeSys, User adds harness design annotation to 2D represtation and releases design for manufacture.


              You stated in your original post that you already have the wiring information in Pro-E so I assumed that steps 1-3 were not required.


              Try copying and pasting the link into your browser rather than selecting it, I think this will work.


              For more information on the plug-in and on the integration between Pro-E and VeSys please contact your local VeSys account team who will be able to provide you with more information.




              Phil D

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                We use Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/HARNESS) to create the flattened models and drawings currently.


                Looking at the step by step you provided, that takes me to creating a .dsi file (6,7).


                Is it possible to create a .dsi file or similiar without using the bridge?


                I have attempted several .xml exports / imports with no luck.



                I was successful in importing the wire length information into VeSys Design from Pro/ENGINEER,

                however, it appears the length information will not carry over into VeSys Harness.




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                  No it is not possible to create the DSI file without the bridge, this is the only way of getting the wire lengths into VeSys Harness.




                  Phil D