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    Updating layout footprint from library


      I am updating footprints, but the ref designator doesn't update. I had footprints with the ref des on the TOP layer, so I edited them in the library to put the ref des on the SST layer.

      But in my layout project, when I "update from library", the ref designator remains on the TOP layer. What gives?




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          PADS is trying to tell you something:

          don't do it


          OK, I am assuming you have taken the "well, it's the silkscreen layer, right?" arguement and have decided to place the outline and ref des on the silkscreen layer rather than layer 1


          that's fine, except IMO, it is not as efficient, to each their own I guess.


          what you have to do is uncheck the "keep attributes" dialogue box because if you look closely the label (ref des) is actually an attribute