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    Problem with pinswap


      Hi all,


      i'm experiencing with one problem.

      I have defined PINSWAP property for some parts, but when i open pin properties in PADS Layout, i still se Swap ID as "unswappable".


      PINSWAP property is defined correctly according to help reference, e.g. (1,2,3,4),(5,6,7,8)


      I tried update PCB from schematic multiple times.


      Could you help me how to use PINSWAP by combination DxD + Layout?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Unless there hgave been significant changes, I am using 2007

          The PCB design file cannot be directly updated

          1st update the PADS library, then update the board from the library


          Use the Update Part Types In Library dialogue from the Update page from Tools-Compare/ECO


          browse to the appropiate ascii file, it will be a .p file