Access to CES .Application.Tools.ObjectDefs via C# or DotNet

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i would liket to access the ObjectDefs - object via C#.

The CES automation license is installed and i can get the Ces.Application.

To get the electrical nets and net classes i need a ObjectDefs object which i got in VBScript code with following lines:


Set CesApp = GetObject(, "Ces.Application")

Set CES = CesApp.Tools("CES")

Set CmsObjDefs = CES.ObjectDefs

Set NetClasses = CmsObjDefs.Design.NetClasses

Set ElectricNets = CmsObjDefs.Design.PhysNets


In C# i can create the Ces.Application object. (I have installed an automation license which works)

But i don't get a ObjectDefs object because its not a member of the Ces.Application.Tools.

Here is the code so far.


Ces.Application CesApp; //The CES Application Handler

Ces.Tools CesTools;

CesApp = System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetActiveObject("Ces.Application.Tools.ObjectDefs ") as Ces.Application;

CesTools = CesApp.Tools;

CmsObjDes = CesTools.??? ObjectDefs is not available


So how do i get access to the ObjectDefs object of the CES.Application?

Included Mentor related namespaces are:

using ViewDraw;

using Ces;


Maybe i need some other namespaces?


Thanks for your help and best regards,