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    "* Failed to get PART from library"


      I am attempting to make a PADS library on our network so coworkers can share the same library with our company's part numbers. My first attempt let me write a library file onto the network but when I attempted to ECO To PCB, I received the error: * Failed to get 1.0K-0402-0.063W-5% from library. Is this because of the library being saved on the network or is it because of all the special characters I have in the part name?

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          For those curious, I was able to correct the issue. I improperly synced the Logic/Layout libraries. I needed to go into Logic, select "sync with layout" in the library manager and then do the same thing in the Layout library manager (sync with logic).


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            Cleon -

            I know this is an old issue (2 years ago!). But I just wanted to say thanks. This just started happening to me and I had no idea. And in my case it seemed to be only parts from a particular library. But after synchronizing on both ends it's fixed.