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DxDesigner - resequence/refresh sheet instance numbers

Question asked by urb on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by robert_davies

I have a flat design that I've inherited. I noticed that beginning with sheet 6, all of the component and net instance numbers begin with $7 instead of $6. All of the subsequence sheets in the design have sheet instance numbers that are 1 higher than the actual sheet number.


I found that there was one component in sheet 6 that was of type COMPOSITE instead of type MODULE. All of the components in the design except this one are of type MODULE. I assumed that the presence of this MODULE type component may have 'consumed' a sheet number. Therefore, I guessed (hoped!)  that if I changed this component to type MODULE, everything would be fixed. After changed the componet, deletin the underlying sheet (which was blank), deleting this single instance of the component, then placing a new instance, the component instance is shown as a MODULE type.


After closing and reopening DxDesigner, I see that the instance numbers are still incremented for all the sheets starting at sheet 6 - there was no change as result of the my component modification.


How do I force DxDesigner to resequence the instance numbers using the current design contents?


Is it likely that the presence of a composite component in the original design is the reason that the sheet part of the instance numbers are not matched to the sheet number.