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    DxDesigner thumbnail views - do you use them?


      In the 7.9.2 release of DxDesigner we introduced the thumbnail views for schematic sheets. Over the coming releases we'd like to enhance this feature to make it more useful and usable. As a pre-cursor to this exercise we'd like to get feedback fom the user community as to whether you have adopted this capability and how you would like to see it developed in future. For now you may post feedback on this community, if we get some good ideas we'll add them them to the DxDesigner Ideas site and include the in our forward planning.



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          I use the thumbnail view quite a bit, mostly in the undocked mode. It helps me quickly navigate around a large schematic (100+ sheets), which I an reviewing and not familiar with, with ease.

          Two things I might suggest:


          1. I would like to see the RMB "Properties" selection actually do something. Maybe it's just me and my setup but nothing happens when I select a sheet in thumbnail window and rmb > properties.
          2. If one could select a area or componet in the the thumbnail sheet and have the DxD sheet open and zoom into that component or area would be fantastic.


          (if you don't ask for it it probably won't happen)

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            The RMB properties doesn't do anything as you point out and is in fact redundant. The thumbnails themselves don't have any properties, so expect to see it removed at some time in the future. As for your other ideas, we'll look into them and see if anything is practical.