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    PADS fabricationdata automation




      I am trying to create some scripts for automatic assembly file and gerber data creation with batch commands.

      Unfortunately I can not find any mathods in help nor sample files.


      Can anybody provide scripts and methods?


      Best regards,


      Wolfgang Kopp

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          What exactly do you want to do?


          I use 7zip to manage my Gerber files in a ZIP file.  While I need to create the first one manually, after that I use a batch file with a 7zip command (see below) to automatically update the zip file whenever I make changes.  I simply drag and drop the ZIP file onto a shortcut to the batch file and any files that need updating get updated.  Note that this only works when you drag and drop to a shortcut to the batch file; this doesn't work in Windows if you drag and drop to the batch file directly.


          update_gerber_zip.bat contents


          7z u -ur0 %1



          rem  DON'T run the .BAT file directly from windows

          rem  run the shortcut from windows


          rem also, you must run this batch file in the directory with the gerber files.

          rem otherwise it will report no changes when changes may be present.


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            we have a simmilar batch for generating a ZIP file. But we would like to generate the gerber files also in batch mode.


            best regards,