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DxDatabook & Packager : Warnings !

Question asked by f.legras on Feb 16, 2012
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We have two recurrent problem with DxDesigner.


First, when we package a design, a warning for each components is displayed. :


Visit message locationWARNING: Block Schematic1, Page 1, Symbol $1I73: sd


Symbol / PartsDB property mismatch:
Resolved PartNumber = CAP_CERA_1206_GEN
Symbol Property: Part Name = CAPA_CERAMIC
PartsDB Property: Part Name = CC1206_GEN
The property value on this symbol has not been changed.
Use the 'Update PDB Properties on symbol' option on the Packager menu
or use Device Replace to change the schematic symbol in order to
update the schematic to the PartsDB value as limited by the precision
specified in the Notation Settings dialog. Be sure that the
precision specified in the Notation Settings dialog is sufficient to
define the value exactly or this warning will continue.


I know that in my Database the partName value is not the same that in Mentor library. It's exacly what we want.


are there a trick or something to configure to avoid that ?

One Warning for each components, it's a lot !


Second, when we place for the first time a component in the schematic the part name is not displayed. When we drag and drop the same component for the second time, the partname is well displayed. What we do wrong ? In fact,we think about a bug...


Thanks in advance,