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    DxDatabook & Packager : Warnings !




      We have two recurrent problem with DxDesigner.


      First, when we package a design, a warning for each components is displayed. :


      Visit message locationWARNING: Block Schematic1, Page 1, Symbol $1I73: sd


      Symbol / PartsDB property mismatch:
      Resolved PartNumber = CAP_CERA_1206_GEN
      Symbol Property: Part Name = CAPA_CERAMIC
      PartsDB Property: Part Name = CC1206_GEN
      The property value on this symbol has not been changed.
      Use the 'Update PDB Properties on symbol' option on the Packager menu
      or use Device Replace to change the schematic symbol in order to
      update the schematic to the PartsDB value as limited by the precision
      specified in the Notation Settings dialog. Be sure that the
      precision specified in the Notation Settings dialog is sufficient to
      define the value exactly or this warning will continue.


      I know that in my Database the partName value is not the same that in Mentor library. It's exacly what we want.


      are there a trick or something to configure to avoid that ?

      One Warning for each components, it's a lot !


      Second, when we place for the first time a component in the schematic the part name is not displayed. When we drag and drop the same component for the second time, the partname is well displayed. What we do wrong ? In fact,we think about a bug...


      Thanks in advance,



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          On the first issue, what are you using the Part Name for in your flow? Do you map one Part Name property to many Part Numbers (the unique key in the PDB)? Is it a unique Part Name per Part Number? Do you always use the Part Name property on the symbol? It is not necessary to define the Part Name in your library, you may simply add a 'placeholder' on the symbol and let packager back-annotate to the symbol. Depending on your usage we can advise how to work round this, I usually get the issue with my Description property but never with Part Name. Also see this post:




          On the second issue can you elaborate on how you are placing the component, from which dialog and with which method? Also, what are you expecting to see, Part Name visible or invisible, which is your preferred result?

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            Thanks for your quick answer Robert.



            1) For example, I have some generic Part Number like "RES_1206_GEN", "COMP_LMx11_SO8" and so on. Each Part Number have one part name also generic : "Res", "LMx11".

            In my Database, I have some entry like one resistor vishay 11k in 1206 and maybe others like AVX 1M in 1206. They share a same PartNumer, but in my database, I give it to them a different Part Name.

            It's the same for the LMx11 comparator, in my database I have some differents parts like LM211,LM311,... which share the same Part Number "COMP_LMx11_SO8".

            And I want to display in my schematic the part name which entered in my Database. So, I want LM311 like part Name and not LMx11.

            It's actually what I have but there are a lot of warnings (about 2000 if I have 2000 components)... Can we hide them ?



            2) I expect to see the part name ! And I have checked the box option in my symbol and in dxdatabook configuration I also check the box ("Maintain Property Visibility").



            From the symbol viewer in dxdatabook, I select my component and I "drag and drop" from this viewer. I would like display the part name (=visible) , but it display after the second "drag and drop" of the same symbol.



            I hope I was clear.


            Thanks in advance,




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              I'll answer these two issues in separate posts.


              For the first problem, if you build your library and database in this way you will always get the warnings at packaging and I don't think you'll be able to avoid them. You cannot map multiple Part Names to the same Part Number in the Parts Database, you can only map multiple Part Numbers to the same Part Name. The Part Number is the unique identifier in the Parts Database (PDB) and is the key to packaging the design so it must be unique. The real question now is how fo you build your database tables, I'd need an example (picture for instance) of how the database is structured, can you provide an example of the resistor?

              What happens if you try Edit Parametric Data from the Partition Node of the Central Library (select a Part Partition and use the right mouse button).


              Any further information would help here.


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                OK, now to answer point 2!


                Visibility is better controlled at the symbol level than via the settings in DxDataBook which are there for legacy purposes. In your symbol definition set the Part Name property (value) to be visible, you can ignore the settings in DxDataBook. Then this should drive the visibility of the Part Name property. Make sure you have it set for annotate in your database if you're driving it from DxDataBook. BUT and it's a big BUT, there appears to be a bug and you are correct, it only makes it visible on the second instantiation. Please log this with your customer support representative.

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                  The Part Number is the unique identifier in the Parts Database (PDB) and is the key to packaging the design so it must be unique

                  I know and in my database, I have multiple components which point to one Part Number in PDB. It's the way to be more efficiency I think, in place of have a part Number for each entry in my DB I have only few parts in my DBP. For passive components, I have only Parts Numbers with package information (0805,0402,0603,1206 = 4 Parts).



                  I don't understand why Part Name property react like that ! For "value" for example, the field in my DB replaces well the value in PDB without warnings !

                  And also, how can we do to have a different Part Name for one unique Part Number ? Now, I think i have to build one part Number for each components so in place of have COMP_LMx11_SO8 I will have COMP_LM211_SO8 and COMP_LM311_SO8 and COMP_LM411_SO8 and so on... We will lost a lot of advantages in this way ...



                  For passive components, i don't have the Part Name property in my DB. I don't want to replace the generic one (define in PDB as "RES"). But for others components (IC), I want my DB Part Name and not the generic one in PDB.



                  If u need any others information, tell me.



                  Thanks in advance,




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                    I'll take this discussion off-line for now so that I can put a response together. Do you have an email address so that I can contact you directly?





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                      Just for completeness, a solution has been provided to the user.

                      To answer the question about why Value doesn't exhibit the same problem, it is not used in evaluating the part by packager, the packager looks for matches with Part number, Part Name and if it exists Part Label.

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                        Hi Robert,


                        I have a question about the Part Editor, In databook I have a field called value that I populate with a number like 2.2uF and in the Part Editor the value (F) field would get a number like 2.2 and this gives me the same problem "Name mismatch". Can I leave the value (f) blank and just pull the data from databook? I notice that the text in the Parts listing fields "Number, Name, Label" go back to red because the value (f) field is blank. when I package will it still work? Is there a way to remove value (f) from the Component properties listing? I know that the value (f) field is used for simulation but at the moment I'm not using simulation on any of my schematics. I think the only other way to make this work with out warnings is to rename my value field in databook to something else.



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                          You can leave it blank in the Part Database and use DxDataBook to populate the value. There isn't much you can do about verification errors currently for discrete components but using DxDataBook in this way will  not affect Packaging/PCB layout.

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                            Hi robert,


                            I want to reopen this thread again because we have the same issue as the OP.


                            We are using EE7.9.1 with DxDesigner and place the parts through DxDatabook. For maximum flexibility we refer from multiple DxDatabook-Parts (e.g. 1k, 10k, 100k resistors all in 0603 package) to a single Central Library part (eg. resistor with 0603 package). When we place the parts in DxDesigner we replace Part Name and Part Label of the Symbol / Central Library Part with the values from the DxDatabook and display the values in the schematic. But this leads to the warning described by the OP on packaging.


                            What was the solution you provided to the OP? Is there a workaround which does not break with the maximum flexibility of the described solution? We are still at the beginning of creating a new component library, so at the moment it may be simple to change the library setup.


                            Best regards,



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                              Part Name and Part Label are the problems with what you are doing. If you have a single Part Number in the CL then it can only reference one Part Name/Part Label pair because Part Number has to be unique. When I was a customer we used this method but used a generic specification for the Part Label, either a drawing standard or an internal spec. that gave us the correct buying information. The Part List generated would be something like:


                              Part Number = R0603, Part Label = CECCxxxxx Value = 10k, Rating=0.125W, Description = Resistor 0603.


                              It was the combination of Part Label plus value and rating that we used to identify the part, not the Part number. Of course DxDataBook gives even more flexibility, you could apply your own property for specific purchasing data and ignore the Part Name/Part Label combo. For example you could specify Manufacturer Part No in DxDatabook, make each unique for the value/package/rating combinations and have these populated on the symbol, these would make the parts unique in the design whilst retaining the single PDB entry. Part Lister could be used to extract all of the necessary information.

                              DxDataBook might look something like


                              Part Number     Value     Rating     Manufacturer Part

                              R0603               10k         0.125W        XYZ

                              R0603               12k         0.25W          ABC

                              R0603               22k         0.25W          ABC


                              The PDB would have a single entry of


                              Part Number     Part name     Part Label

                              R0603               Res                     blank


                              There would be no Value assigned in the PDB, this would come from DxDataBook.




                              It is really down to you to determine how the data flows through the process.