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    up rev and rotate




      I'm new to calibre. I would like to up rev certain cells in my layout and also would like to have the ability to rotate them.

      So far I've able to up rev them but I couldn't rotate them.


      my code as below


      set layout [layout create $Maincell -dt_expand -preservePaths -perserveTextAttributes - preserveProperties]


      foreach cell


           $layout gdsout $newCellName $oldCellName


      Can anyone shows me how to have the ability to rotate them? for example 90 degree?


      I've tried using $L create ref but I wouldn't make it rotate.




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          Hi Low-


          I believe the example in technote MG79528, "Creating a Subcell in an Existing Layout with TCL", shows how to do what you want.  The technote comes up on DESIGNrev searches, but all DESIGNrev commands are also available in all the other Calibre viewers such as WORKbench.


          If the example there is not enough, could you please provide more detail, such as the error message or non-result you are seeing, the version you are using (sometimes there are bugs fixed in later versions), and the exact steps you are using?


          Good luck-