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    'Copy schematic properties' NOT showing Calibre View Setup


      Dear All,


      I am using calibre xRC 2010.4_26.16 version.


      But I am NOT ablle to see 'Copy schematic properties' option on calibre View Setup.

      Why is this ?


      Is it a problem for me ?



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          Hi Manas-


          My understanding is that schematic properties are copied by default, unless in Cadence you have put an override.  Look for "Mgc_eview_globals~>importSchematicProperties" in the icfb window.


          Also, the procedure for setting up the interface between Cadence Virtuoso and Calibre Interactive says,

          * If importing schematic properties, then manually add Source Case, Layout Case, and LVS Compare Case SVRF statements to your SVRF rule file.


          Because the Cadence Analog Design framework treats net and instance names in schematics with case sensitivity, you must add the following statement to your SVRF rule file:


          Source Case YES


          Adding this statement enables highlighting by Calibre RVE in the Cadence schematics and the importation of schematic properties by the Calibre View generator.


          So, my understanding is that if you want the schematic properties they should already be there; if you are trying to turn them off, you add an override on the Cadence side.  Does your netlist show the properties you expect?


          There was a bug in the first release of 2010.4 where properties had to be declared in the cell map file (DR 730282), but it is fixed in 2010.4_26 (2010.4 UR1), which you are using.


          Hope this information helps-