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    how can i get a Eldo User’s Manual?


      hi, in Hyperlynx analog simulation, i want to find some specific seting of the simulator. but in the mannual, it says the detail information is in the Eldo User’s Manual.

      so, can you upload a Eldo User’s Manual.thanks

      otherwises, i want to kown how to use optimization in HLA, can you give me a demo?



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          You can find a copy of manuals under the pdfdocs subdirectory of the tool installation directory (i.e. C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.3EE\docs\pdfdocs\hla_user.pdf). Alternatively if you have account on Mentor’s support website you can download it from there. Regarding Eldo Optimization check Chapter 6 (page 87) of the HyperLynx Analog User’s Manual (hla_user.pdf).

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            hi, thanks for your answer.

            The case is,

            I design a circuit, and want to optimize the “chip” node’s AC voltage. The parameter variable is C1 and L1.


            Frequency sweep: 1kHz~1GHz

            L1:1n to 200nH

            C1:1p to 500p

            Output: V(chip)

            Optimize: optimize L1 and C1, to make the “chip” node’s voltage magnitude maximum is 85mv in the range of 3MHz to 5MHz.

            The question is :

            How do I set up the optimize,

            Chose objective or extract?

            In the objective tab, how to setup the extraction function?